About me


My name is elisabeth barnes*, but most my friends call me elisa or liz.

I live in chicago and am proud to live in America. Yep, I am proud to be part of such a great country. When I see some other countries, I feel fortunate to be able to shape my life as I want it to be, without being told what to do. Of course, it is all relative. It has its flaws too but here you can voice your opinion in this country of human rights, where we can all contribute to make a better world…( I am an optimistic person)

Now, you know why I decided to add “usa” in the domain name. Proud.

Why florame? I love flowers and I wanted to add something related to the soul of things, I remember that ame means soul in french, so florame was a perfect combination.

I decided to open this blog because it is so trendy to have your own blog or youtube channel. I am not into videos, I mean I am not comfortable enough to expose myself this way, so a blog was probably more my thing.

I like the idea to use it as a diary and write when i feel like it.

I will write about beauty, cosmetics, books, I guess the list will evolve as time goes by.

So see you inside.