The Importance Of Relaxation For Skin


I know we all think of cosmetics or healthy food when it comes to getting beautiful skin. But the thing is we often forget about relaxation.

Yeah, your skin is the largest organ your body has and, as a result, is prone to damage from a lot of sources. Stress is real bad for any part of your body. The effect it has on skin can be particularly bad, especially for people looking to look younger. It’s a relatively new field of medicine known as “Psychodermatology”.


Stress is a big cause of acne. When you get stressed your body releases several hormones and chemicals including cortisol, which makes your skin more oily and therefore more prone to pimples. A relaxed face is a clean face.


Stress is also a causer of wrinkles and other problems that make us look older. Stressed and damaged skin looks rougher and older as a result. So if you want to look youthful you have to also be calm. Try not to furrow your brow so much too. The stress hormones make blood move inwards, away from the skin, leaving them dry and causing wrinkles to form.


One way to really damage your skin is to scratch at it a lot. Stress causes our skin to itch and people turn to scratching and picking at their skin as a way to deal with stress a lot. So if you’re a really high strung person and you’ve noticed you scratch a lot you could have your answer here. Just relax and leave your skin alone. Picking and scratching at it just makes it worse. Better yet, find other outlets for your stress.


Stress causes the skin to lose hydration. Dry skin inflammation and a number of other problems. Stress damaged skin is also less effective at keeping out the harmful rays of the sun, causing even more damage to your skin. Dry skin is a nightmare and it’s caused by stress.


Another way that stress damages your skin is by ruining your complexion. Epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline, is another byproduct of stress. Adrenaline is great if you want to make an escape and can save your life, but it does major damage to your skin.

Adrenaline also causes the blood in your body to stay away from the skin, which means it doesn’t have enough oxygen or nutrients. Good circulation is essential for you to have a good complexion, and bad circulation is just bad in general.


Nearly every woman has heard the word cellulite and knows what a curse it is. As previously mentioned stress causes a lack of blood to flow to the skin. This causes numerous problems. A buildup of harmful toxins is one of these problems. These toxins cause cellulite to develop, which leaves your skin loose and creates dimples.

Overall stress is pretty bad for your health. It’s bad for everything, including your skin. So find ways to deal with your stress and get a good nights sleep.

This is where a good essential oil could be handy here.

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