What Are Essential Oils?


You have likely heard a lot about essential oils but maybe you don’t know a whole lot about them. There’s a lot of information on them out there and it can be a little overwhelming. So just to make sure there is no confusion, if you’re not all that sure about essential oils then just read on to learn more about them.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are, at their base, liquids that are created using the leaves, stems, flowers and other parts of plants. Even though they are called “oils” they are not necessarily oils and certainly don’t feel like an oil. Most of them are clear and don’t have much color while others are quite bright. They are very potent and offer everything the plant has to offer. Because of that even a small bottle of essential oils can go a long way.

Vegetable Oils?

There’s no need, or point, in comparing essential oils to vegetable oils. While a vegetable oil is derived from vegetables essential, oils are not oils per se. They are also derived from a number of plants and not just vegetables.

Perfume Oils?

Essential oils are also not perfumes or fragrances per se. Essential oils are pure and natural, whereas many perfumes and fragrances use synthetic materials. They artificially reproduce the odor of a plant while an essential oil is taken from a plant and nothing more. Assuming you get a good quality oil.


There are a number of benefits associated with essential oils. The main benefits are found in aromatherapy and also beauty products. A number of beauty products make use of essential oils.

They can also help inside the body. Different oils can have different benefits and some essential oils can be ingested to boost digestion and cure upset tummies. They can be applied to the skin (mostly diluted) to bring down inflammation and some of them even have antiseptic properties and can be used to disinfect cuts and bring down pain.

Another of the main benefits outside of beauty is that of aromatherapy. Essential oils use pure and strong smells and can have a drastic effect. Essential Oil assisted aromatherapy has managed to really cut down on the effects of physical and psychological conditions. They can both sedate and stimulate your mind and body.

Go Organic

One key thing to note with essential oils is that the more pure and organic you go the better the oil will be. Always check the label of the essential oil bottle to see if it is organic and, better yet, if there are any additives or ingredients beyond the plant it is derived from. If it’s inorganic or has additives then it’s not worth your trouble or your money.

There are a number of uses for essential oils. Just make sure that you get a good one to avoid being let down and feeling like you’ve been ripped off.

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