What Essential Oils are Best for Beauty?


Essential oils are, as the name might suggest, oils that are essential for different things relating to the body. Some are good for weight loss. Some are good for digestion. Some are great for beauty. The following are some of the best essential oils for beauty, as well as why and you need to use them.


One of the secrets to being beautiful is aptly named “beauty sleep”. If you aren’t sleeping right then you won’t look right. An essential oil that is great for sleep is one known as Vetiver. Vetiver is a completely natural alternative to things like sleeping pills that are also more effective than them for some people. Vetiver is mostly used to calm children and help them sleep, but most people don’t realise that it has the same effects on adults. If you feel a lack of sleep is leading to a lack of beauty then pick up some of this great essential oil.


Not only is lavender good for your beauty on its own, here is a little tip for you. To get some extra use out of your lavender put a little of it into your mascara tube. Lavender mixes with the mascara to help reduce the redness of your eyes by smoothing out the skin and getting rid of pesky skin irritations. It also won’t affect contact lenses unless you happen to get mascara on the contact lens, which would do enough damage as it is.


If you take a look at the ingredients lists on your beauty products you might recognise the name Bermagot. It’s a fragrant oil commonly found in fragrances as well as beauty products. It is a very effective antiviral product that helps reduce the look of problems like acne and cold sores. It also clears up bacteria and other skin problems. Your skin will look nice and smell nice too!

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an essential oil that not a lot of people know about. The ones that do know about it love it though. It works an excellent anti-inflammatory and revitalise your skin. There’s on more hidden benefit just for the ladies. Clary Sage helps relieve the pressures and pains of your period and childbirth. So keep some around for when you need it most.


Jasmine is another essential oil with a bit of a hidden upside. Jasmine helps relieve scars and makes them fade away over time. It cleans up your skin and helps make you look more radiant and beautiful than ever. It’s also seen as being a bit of an aphrodisiac. It gives you a great looking body and the want to do something with it.

These are just some of the essential oils that you can use for beauty. There are so many you’d need a very long list to cover them all. These are good places to get started though. Get more sleep, clean up your skin, and make your skin better than it’s ever been before thanks to some help from your good friends the essential oils.

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