Why we Need Fat

You might call me crazy for saying this but we need fat even though fat is not really very popular….

The human body needs fat to function properly and there are plenty of good reasons why. So don’t throw away all those fatty foods just yet.

In fact some people swear by the high fat diet; as outlandish as the idea of eating fat to lose weight sounds. Here’s a look at why we need fat.

  1. Healthy Fats Exist and They Give us Energy

Just as there is such a thing as good cholesterol there’s also such a thing as a healthy fat. These healthy fats are a great energy source and provide you with more energy than you’d get from just carbs and protein. Each gram of fat has about 9 calories of energy, while carbs and proteins only contain about 4 calories of energy per gram. Your fat reserves are also energy reserves that the body turns to when it runs out of carb power. If you didn’t have fat then the body would literally break itself down to give you the energy you need.

  1. Fat Absorbs Vitamins

There are some vitamins that are absolutely essential to our continued survival. We need these vitamins each and every day and without fat we would have a lot more trouble absorbing them and enjoying their benefits. The list of fat-soluble vitamins includes vitamins A, S, E, and K. Fat soluble vitamins are vitamins that are absorbed through fat. So without the fat you wouldn’t get the vitamins, and who knows where you would be without those vitamins.

  1. Fat = Flavor

You might have noticed this by now but it’s true that all the things that are bad for you are so much more delicious than all the things that are good for you. This is because the body craves fat and it needs it to survive. Fats also provide food with flavor and texture. It can make even the blandest foods fun, which makes you more likely to eat them. Think about how bland healthy food is and you can understand the difference a little fat helps.

  1. Fat Provides Warmth

Fat acts as a kind of natural insulation for the body that can prevent you from freezing. Of course a fatty layer of insulation is a little less important in the modern age of heated homes, but people who have a little meat on their bones are generally warmer than their thinner contemporaries.

  1. Fat Provides Transportation

One of the lesser-known properties of fat is that it is used in the production and transportation of a number of important things in the body. For a start it is necessary in the production of hormones including the hormones that make you happy when you eat. Fat is also needed to transport nutrients through cell membranes. It might not sound like much considering it’s on a microscopic scale but fat really helps us stay alive.

Of course too much fat is always going to be a bad thing. If you feel that you’ve put on too much weight then you can get help losing it. Check this blog post which helps to lose fat on myawesomebeauty.com. In the meantime though there’s nothing wrong with having some fat in your diet; remember that you need it to live.

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